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At Orange County CyberKnife, our mission is to help patients throughout the greater Orange County area beat cancer through world-class radiation therapy treatment. While we primarily see cancer patients, we can also use noninvasive CyberKnife to treat certain other conditions, including some forms of trigeminal neuralgia (TN). If TN is being caused by a tumor on the trigeminal nerve, we can use CyberKnife to eliminate the tumor without surgery and relieve symptoms. And data from a new study shows that CyberKnife is one of the most effective, low-impact options for trigeminal neuralgia treatment.

Effective Pain Relief from Trigeminal Neuralgia.

In terms of relief from TN pain, the results of the study are striking. 93.5% of patients achieved relief from TN pain just 3 weeks after their CyberKnife treatment. This means that for more than 9 out of 10 patients, CyberKnife is an effective option for treating TN without the need for surgery – in just one month, you could experience permanent relief from TN.

Importantly, the treatment persisted over time. 76% of patients still had TN relief 3 years after the treatment. The remainder of the patients achieved relief with a second CyberKnife treatment session. This makes sense: CyberKnife eliminates the route cause of TN, instead of dulling symptoms. Because CyberKnife destroys the tumor that’s causing TN, it provides a permanent treatment for trigeminal neuralgia.

CyberKnife Eliminates the Need for Pain Medication

Another important outcome of the study was that CyberKnife significantly reduced dependence on opioids and pain medications. 79% of participants were completely free of both pain and pain medications within 6 months of treatment – no pills, no pain, and no trigeminal neuralgia. Even for those who weren’t medication-free after 6 months, 93.5% of patients decreased the dosage of their medication throughout follow-up, and eventually stopped using pain medication entirely. In other words, wherever CyberKnife successfully treated TN – which was 93.5% of cases – patients eventually stopped using pain medication altogether.

Minimal Side Effects

Furthermore, the study demonstrated that CyberKnife produces minimal negative side effects. Of all participants, only 18% developed any sensory disturbance or issues from the radiation treatment. 68% of these reactions occurred only after the second treatment, which is quite common for multiple radiation exposures. Overall, CyberKnife produced minimal side effects – and even more importantly, it requires no invasive surgery.

Schedule a CyberKnife Consultation for Trigeminal Neuralgia Treatment in Orange County

CyberKnife is an effective, safe, and convenient option for treating trigeminal neuralgia and achieving relief from the intense pain that TN causes. If you or a loved one suffer from TN, don’t wait: contact us today to schedule a treatment consultation. We can eliminate trigeminal neuralgia at the source, giving you hope for a full recovery and liberating you from the debilitating pain of TN. We can’t wait to hear from you!