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Living With Kidney Cancer

Receiving a diagnosis of kidney cancer is sad, disappointing, frustrating, and scary. The radiation oncology team at Orange County Cyberknife understands their patients’ nervousness and sadness. For this reason, we want to prepare you for what your daily life may look like and how to overcome the challenges associated with it. Whether you are dealing with cancer of one kidney or two kidneys, the Orange County Cancer Center will be there every step of the way to ensure the highest quality Cyberknife treatment and a swift recovery.

Daily Life with Kidney Cancer in One Kidney

If you have been diagnosed with kidney cancer in one of your kidneys, our radiation oncology team wants to ensure that we do everything in our power to keep your other kidney healthy and cancer free. Your healthy kidney will now filter your blood and keep your body clean and healthy. To do so, we highly recommend taking the follow steps to improve your health and keep your immune system up:

  • See your general practitioner on a regular basis to ensure your blood pressure is regular. We suggest that your blood pressure is monitored about 4 times per year. This way, we can monitor your healthy kidney and your blood pressure and act accordingly if any changes are present.
  • If you currently smoke, we strongly recommend that you stop immediately. Smoking is closely linked with kidney cancer and many other cancers for that matter. For assistance or questions, please do not hesitate to ask our cancer care team at Orange County Cyberknife.
  • Eat a balanced diet, low in protein. Kidney cancer has been linked to the consumption of a high protein diet, including meat and fish, eggs, cheese, butter, milk, and beans and lentils. Our oncology specialists recommend eating more fruits, vegetables, and complex carbohydrates. Additionally, we suggest cutting down on your salt intake as well, as a diet high in salt puts a strain on the kidneys.

Daily Life with Kidney Cancer in Two Kidneys

It is rare to have cancer in both kidneys, however, if you have already experienced cancer in one kidney, there is a slight chance that it can spread to the second kidney. Depending on your cancer and individual situation, you may have both kidneys removed. However, at Orange County Cyberknife, our radiation oncologists work exceedingly hard to remove the tumors and preserve the other parts of your kidneys. If both kidneys are removed, a new daily challenge will be dialysis. There are a two different options for receiving dialysis which may include:

  • Dialysis machine: The most common way to receive dialysis is from a dialysis center. Typically, patients need to receive dialysis about three times per week, for about six hours each time. The machine will clean your blood and remove excess water. Unfortunately, this option takes a lot of time for the patient.
  • Dialysis at home: Another option for kidney cancer patients is receiving dialysis at home. It is called continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD). For this option, you will have a permanent catheter in your abdomen. Every day you will attach a bag of fluid to the catheter and run the fluid into your abdomen. This fluid works as your “kidney,” it will collect all the waste products and extra water in your system. After a set time, you will empty the fluid out. This dialysis option is typically more convenient for patients who do not want to spend countless hours in a dialysis center. However, there is quite a bit of responsibility put on the patient and their caregivers to correctly administer the dialysis.

For all kidney cancer patients, Orange County Cyberknife recommends eating a healthy diet, low in protein, salt, and potassium. For all questions or concerns about your kidney cancer or health, please never hesitate to contact our cancer care team at the Orange County Cancer Center.

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