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Liver Cancer – Detection & Treatment Options

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At OC CyberKnife, our mission is to provide quality, convenient cancer treatment to patients throughout the greater Orange County, CA area. If you or someone you love are currently battling cancer, we know how much of a challenge that can be – but no matter what you’re up against, we’re here to help. We offer a variety of treatment options at our cancer center, including a variety of options for treating liver cancer.

Detecting & Diagnosing Liver Cancer

Liver cancer may or may not produce symptoms until an advanced stage, but if you do have signs of a liver cancer, your doctor will first perform a physical exam. During this exam, your doctor will:

  • Examine the liver, the spleen, and other nearby organs by feeling your abdomen
  • Feel the abdomen to check for ascites, or accumulated fluid
  • Examine your eyes and your skin for yellowing or signs of jaundice

Liver Cancer Treatment - Cyberknife OCIf your doctor thinks liver cancer may be present, there are a variety of tests that can help to diagnose liver cancer:

  • Blood tests: These may include tests for alpha fetoprotein (AFP), which can indicate liver cancer. Additional blood tests may evaluate the function of the liver.
  • CT Scans: These are often the most reliable for determining how serious liver cancer is.
  • Ultrasound: A machine that uses sound waves to create images of structures inside the body.
  • Angiogram: In this test, your doctor will inject dye into an artery that allows the blood vessels of the liver to show up on an x-ray.
  • Biopsy: Your doctor will remove a sample of tissue from the liver through fine needle aspiration, a core biopsy (which takes a larger tissue sample), laparoscopy (which involves a small incision), or surgical biopsy.

Liver Cancer Treatment Options

As with all forms of cancer, the treatment options for liver cancer vary greatly from patient to patient. Your own treatment course will depend on the specifics of your cancer and other factors in your personal medical history. Treatment options for liver may include:

  • Surgery
  • Chemotherapy
  • Targeted Therapy
  • Immunotherapy
  • Radiation Therapy (such as CyberKnife)

Often, your doctor will choose to combine two or more treatment options for the best possible chance at recovery. No matter what treatment course you and your doctor decide on, we’ll work with you to help make treatment as convenient as possible.

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