Esophageal And Stomach Cancer – CyberKnife Treatment

Esophageal & Stomach Cancer – CyberKnife Treatment

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Fighting cancer is one of life’s most difficult challenges – but it’s never something you have to face on your own. At Orange County CyberKnife, we’re proud to help patients throughout the Orange County, CA area battle even the most serious forms of cancer, and we strive to make the process as convenient as possible for our patients. While we offer a variety of treatment options, CyberKnife is our flagship treatment – and we can often use it to treat esophageal and lung cancer.

What Is CyberKnife?

CyberKnife is a revolutionary form of radiation therapy that combines a variety of technologies into one powerful, convenient treatment. Instead of surgery or pharmaceuticals, CyberKnife uses high-dose, precision radiation – the same type of energy as visible light – to kill cancer cells and eliminate tumors. This provides a powerful, effective treatment with minimal side effects and unparalleled convenience.

What sets CyberKnife apart is its advanced technology. Using advanced medical imaging technology and a precision robotic arm, CyberKnife can deliver radiation with sub-millimeter accuracy, which means we can use high-dose radiation to eliminate tumors without damaging surrounding tissues. Plus, CyberKnife can track involuntary tumor movement in the body and account for it in real time – which means that with CyberKnife, there’s no need for braces or uncomfortable immobility devices. Instead, you simply lie on the treatment couch as CyberKnife delivers the radiation.

CyberKnife for Esophageal & Lung Cancer Treatment

While it isn’t right for every patient, CyberKnife can offer a powerful treatment for esophageal and stomach cancers. If your doctor does recommend CyberKnife, the treatment process is fairly simple. You’ll receive your radiation in 1-hour sessions over the course of 1 to 5 consecutive days. Most patients feel well enough to go about their day before and after their treatment sessions.

While we may be able to use CyberKnife alone for your treatment, its common for doctors to combine CyberKnife with another treatment like surgery, chemotherapy, or both. In these cases, CyberKnife may help to shrink a tumor for surgical removal, limit the chance or recurrence, or eliminate metastatic tumors (tumors that have spread to other parts of the body). Only you and your doctor can decide the ideal treatment course for you.

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CyberKnife isn’t right for everyone, but it can provide a powerful treatment option for many patients. If you’re suffering from esophageal, stomach, or any other form of cancer, don’t wait – contact us to schedule a consultation and get the treatment you need today. We can’t wait to hear from you, and we’re excited to start you on the road to recovery.