Acoustic Neuroma – Types & Stages

Acoustic Neuroma – Types & Stages

Radiation Oncology Treatment for Acoustic Neuroma in Orange County

Orange County CyberKnife is your dedicated partner in world-class radiation oncology in cancer treatment – but in addition to treating virtually any cancerous condition, we can also use our world-class cancer treatment technology to fight certain noncancerous conditions. Using the revolutionary CyberKnife system, a non-invasive radiation oncology treatment system, we can treat a wide variety of issues and conditions, including acoustic neuroma. Your treatment team will work with you to develop a convenient, effective treatment plan no matter what stage your acoustic neuroma has progressed to.

Stages of Acoustic Neuroma

Because acoustic neuroma (vestibular schwannoma) is not technically a cancerous condition, it’s not staged using the traditional TNM and 4 stage method. Instead, staging of acoustic neuroma falls into 3 categories: first a period of development, followed by diagnosis, and finally treatment or management.

The development stage may take a very long time depending on the type of schwannoma present. In a unilateral acoustic neuroma, which affects just one ear, growth often occurs very slowly and symptoms rarely appear before age 30 and often will appear as late as age 60. In a bilateral acoustic neuroma, which affects both ears and is generally a hereditary congenital condition that appears at birth, symptoms generally appear faster but may not be present until adolescence.

Symptoms of acoustic neuroma vary from patient to patient, but may include hearing loss, tinnitus (ringing or hissing in the ears), or vertigo. Diagnostic tests are used to isolate the cause and detect the presence of acoustic neuroma.

After diagnosis, you’ll work with your doctor to understand the details of your condition and develop a plan for treatment. Treatment may include surgery, radiation therapy through CyberKnife, or simply waiting and monitoring the growth of the schwannoma.

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While acoustic neuroma can cause serious problems like hearing loss, we can often treat this condition through painless, non-invasive CyberKnife radiation therapy. Contact OC CyberKnife today if you feel you may be suffering from acoustic neuroma or any other cancerous condition. Together, we’ll work to diagnosis and understand your condition, develop a comprehensive treatment plan to beat your cancer, and help you reclaim a healthy, normal life.