Abdominal Cancer – Types & Stages

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Cancer Treatment Options - Cyberknife OCNo matter what condition you’re facing or what your prognosis, you deserve the best chance possible at beating cancer. At Orange County CyberKnife, we’ve made it our mission to create a world-class cancer treatment center equipped to handle even the most serious, complex, and advanced cases of cancer, combining state-of-the-art treatment technologies like CyberKnife with an unmatched treatment team of radiation oncologists and cancer-fighting professionals. We offer treatment for a wide variety of cancerous conditions, including the various forms of abdominal cancer.

The Types & Stages of Abdominal Cancer

The abdomen is the largest cavity in the body and contains several vital organs, and as such, abdominal cancer is actually a blanket term referring to cancer affecting any organ or tissue within the abdomen. Accordingly, abdominal cancer may refer to any of the following forms of cancer:

Stages of Abdominal Cancer

The stage of cancer classifies the cancer based on the size of the tumor and how far it has spread. Cancers are generally staged from Stage 0 to Stage IV, often with various sub-stages that are specific to the individual forms of cancer.

Cancer stage is generally determined on a variety of tests including physical exams, endoscopies, biopsies, and imaging tests like CT scans. Your doctor will work with you to administer the proper tests, determine the type and stage of your abdominal cancer, and create a treatment plan.

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