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The world of cancer treatment is poised for progress in the next few years, despite a few setbacks. Your cancer treatment specialists in Orange County are committed to helping you feel confident and armed with as much knowledge as possible, so we are pleased to provide the following information on several notable trends in the world of cancer treatment for 2019.

A New Approach to Cancer Medication Prescription

Some oncologists are shifting toward a more modern way of prescribing cancer-fighting drugs to their patients. Rather than looking at the location or type of tumor, such as “lung” or “prostate”, attention is being given to molecular changes in malignant cells. Cancer medications are being prescribed based on molecular features of a mutation. Research has indicated that certain experimental drugs may help treat patients with a wide variety of cancer types, including those that were previously hard-to-treat, when the molecular features of the cancer cells were observed to be the same in all types.

Increase in Prescription of Antibodies

In conjunction with and in relation to the point above, we are seeing an increase in the prescription of novel anti-cancer drugs, including PARP drugs and hormone blocking agents for breast and prostate cancers. Doctors are turning toward targeted drugs for malingments with specific molecular features, and away from the classic chemotherapy. In fact, chemotherapy is being used less and less in the cancer treatment world, with just over a fifth of women with a common form of early-stage breast cancer taking chemo, according to a recent study. This is down from over a third, showing a significant drop in chemotherapy prescription, and this shift is likely continue as oncology leans toward alternative therapies.

The Financial Burden Of Cancer Treatment

Progress does not come without struggle. Alongside the forward strides being made in the world of cancer treatment, concern is rising over the cost and financial burden of treating cancer, for both individual patients, and society as a whole. As 2019 progresses, we are likely to see this problem compounded, with more discussion and debate happening regarding cancer drug costs and what, if any, possible solutions exist for rectifying this issue.

Cancer Treatment in Orange County

Orange County Cyberknife is dedicated to helping our patients overcome their diagnosis and live a cancer-free life. Through our variety of treatments, including the revolutionary Cyberknife, for cancerous and non cancerous conditions, we have helped restore hope for countless patients in the Orange County area. If you have any questions regarding cancer treatment in Orange County, we welcome you to reach out to us at our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you.