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  • Caregiver Tips for Someone Caring for a Cancer Patient
  • Living With Kidney Cancer
  • What is Metastatic Prostate Cancer?
  • Types Of Lung Cancer
  • History of Cancer Treatments
  • How Do I Know If I Can Be Treated With CyberKnife?
Caregiver Tips for Someone Caring for a Cancer Patient

Cancer is an illness that affects not only the patient, but friends, family, and especially caregivers. Over 15 million adults in the United States are living with cancer today. For these patients, caregivers help them through their diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. Caregivers for cancer patients give selflessly of themselves in order to help their loved…

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Living With Kidney Cancer

Receiving a diagnosis of kidney cancer is sad, disappointing, frustrating, and scary. The radiation oncology team at Orange County Cyberknife understands their patients’ nervousness and sadness. For this reason, we want to prepare you for what your daily life may look like and how to overcome the challenges associated with it. Whether you are dealing…

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