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At Orange County CyberKnife, everything we do is for our patients. We understand how difficult of a process fighting cancer is for everyone involved, and we strive to create a compassionate, caring, and supportive environment in our Orange County cancer treatment center. We want every one of our patients to have the absolute best cancer care possible, which is why we’re proud to integrate the best cancer-fighting technology in the world into industry-leading treatment for a wide variety of cancers. We’re incredibly proud of the work we’ve done with our patients, and we’re always grateful to hear from patients satisfied with our work. If you’d like to learn more about the work we do and how our treatment philosophy plays out with patients, we encourage you to read some of our testimonials below. These are just a few of the reviews our patients have left us, and we’re truly humbled by the feedback.

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For us, the real victory isn’t in the praise or the accolades: we’re happy when we get to help improve someone’s life through world-class cancer treatment services. That’s why we’re proud to offer treatment with the CyberKnife System, which synthesizes some of the world’s most advanced technology into the best cancer treatment on the market today. It doesn’t matter what form, stage, or severity of cancer you’re facing, at OC CyberKnife, we’ll work with you to develop a customized treatment plan that eliminates cancer at the source, helping you beat cancer without needing to completely disrupt your life. If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you overcome cancer and reclaim your healthy, happy, normal life, we encourage you to call us today at 714.962.7100 or reach out to us at our contact page to schedule a consultation. The road to beating cancer is a long one, but at OC CyberKnife, we are your trusted partners in health – and we’ll work with you to achieve complete freedom from cancer, no matter what it takes.

More Testimonials From Our Patients

My whole experience with you, and the very professional staff at Orange County CyberKnife and Radiation Oncology Center, has been exemplary. Not only did I feel the complete medical competence and commitment of each staff member, which gave me total confidence in the process, I also received the added benefit of humanity, given in the form of smiling greetings, warm inquiries as to my state of self, and personal interest in my progress. Truly, after seven weeks of five-day per week treatments, I was sad to say goodbye.

I never witnessed anything other than sunny attitudes by everyone in the office, and the obvious aim of getting me in, treated, and out seamlessly and efficiently, was a real blessing. I literally waited a few minutes only three or four times in thirty-five treatments, even when I arrived early for my appointment. It was amazing. Your personal care of my entire radiation process was also unparalleled. Your instructions were absolutely clear, you allowed me to ask questions as long as I needed each time we met, you respectfully used language I could understand, you thoroughly prepared me for the process, and handled each step with such deep consideration for my health – both physical and emotional.

I can’t thank you and your staff at Orange County CyberKnife and Radiation Oncology Center enough for your great work. Truly, gratefully yours,

From: Peg E. Rollans

So grateful and thankful to ALL the staff here. Great experience. Loved coming but happy to be done.

From: Jennifer

Everyone was very professional. Holly was excellent.

From: Jeff

Loved the personalized approach, felt welcomed for every treatment.

From: Donna

The entire team is incredible! They made we forget what I was really here for, that’s how awesome they all are!!

From: Halima

I would like to thank the staff and the nurse specially Ashley, Bana and Rafael for making the treatment comfortable and pleasant.

From: XZ

The entire team is incredible! They made we forget what I was really here for, that’s how awesome they all are!!

From: Halima

All staff are Super! Very friendly, kind and professional! Dr. Chan is outstanding. Also, the valet staff are excellent and work very hard. Thanks for keeping the temperature comfortable for people who have to wait in the gowns. Thanks for having a TV in both waiting area!

From: Susan

Staff & team are awesome! Great job from beginning to end. Very helpful and caring, they make you feel welcome and comfortable which makes the process much easier!

From: Kimberly

The staff (especially during radiation) were very friendly and kind and made me feel very comfortable during my treatments. I appreciate all their kindness and patience. Thank You!

From: Diane

I am so thankful I came to this center for treatment. The staff have been so friendly and just wonderful.

From: Karen

This staff treated me with compassion and kindness during my difficult treatment. I am so grateful!

From: Heather

Everyone very professional and friendly.

From: Peter

Thank -You for your kindness & getting me out of that mask ASAP.

From: Kathryn

My experience has met or exceeded all expectations at OC CYBERKNIFE.

From: Francis

Very friendly, always made us feel good. Watched over my dad.

From: HO

The entire staff has been very nice, caring and professional. All of you have made this new experience not so bad!! Thank you.

From: Mary

Holly was very good at making my treatments an easy experience. She is “wonderful”.

From: Vanessa

Technicians were excellent!

From: Michael

Holly is an exceptional therapist. She has a very calming effect.

From: Vanessa

I was very satisfied with the staff especially Rafael and Hoang, the rest were very nice and friendly.

From: Douglas

Every medical office should be more as efficiently! Front desk welcoming and helpful. Special kudos to Hoang, my CyberKnife tech. very professional and polite, I know I was in good hands.

From: Marilyn

Excellent patient service-attention to details-treatment exceeds expectations. Staff knowledgeable, caring exceptional. It was a pleasure to be treated here- facility state do the art. I will definitely recommend. Doctors, staff and facility/center to my family and friends.


The radiation therapist team was absolutely extraordinary. They made it a point to explain everything ad made me as comfortable as possible. They are very empathetic. The entire process was very efficient and professional. I appreciate all the kind words and their exceptional strides to always provide great customer care.

From: Rossa

I found the radiation therapist staff a phenomenal team! They were “in my corner” during the entire journey. Thank you especially to Bana & Zeinna- they welcomed me daily! I will recommend always.

From: Kaherine

So far excellent experience. The staff has been great to work with. Very professional and warm. Thanks!! It makes this process easy and effective.

From: Anthony

Everyone is awesome.

From: Geraldine

Excellent service.

From: Thao

I was here daily for six and a half weeks. Everyone was amazingly wonderful. Today was my last day. I actually cried. They are lie family.

From: Ann

To the entire Radiation Department,
We want to thank you all for the care you have given Mark throughout these past 44 days of treatment. Not only are you all very professional in your work, but you carry out your job with such a warm and friendly attitude. Your kindness has been greatly appreciated. You turned what could have been drudgery into a friendly daily visit.

From: Mark & Siri

I have been so fortunate to be under the care of Dr. Harsolia. The entire MemorialCare group-Dr. Kakis to Dr. Harsolia & Dr. Jacoub-have helped me face this difficult disease. Everyone has given 110%. Ashely, Zienna and Holly have made the appointments so much easier than I expected. Thanks to everyone for your smile and warm care.

From: Paula

Exceptional staff with a positive attitude. Thank you for your kindness.

From: Robert

All personal are so wonderful. I never been in a hospital with the personal so caring. My heart is with you. Thanks a lot!!

From: Ricardo

This was the Best, Never a Wait. Great staff.

From: David

Thank you all for your warm smiles and gentle spirits.

From: Christina

Made me feel like I was “very” special.

From: John

Staff at all levels was helpful, polite and caring.

From: Smith

Staff is friendly & professional and courteous.

From: J.C

Competent and caring, Compassionate
and kind,
The therapists who helped me are among
the best you’ll find.
Now radiation therapy is frightening
for some,
But excellent professionals will help
you overcome.
Daily visits (Thirty-Five) created a
That made me feel comfortable with
what I had to do.
Holly, Bana, Zeinna, Jacky and the
tiny Zac
Will always be remembered even though
I won’t be back.
Thank you for the expertise and kindness
you express.
Because of you, my visits here have been
a great success.

From: Trudie

I have, today, completed my treatment program précised by the professionals practicing at Orange County CyberKnife. I need to express my sincere thanks to all of the coordinators: doctors, nurses, and especially the therapist who made my treatment seem ordinary. These treatments are anything but ordinary. They are cutting edge technology that has prolonged my life. I had very special needs that did not conform to the normal, but these needs were researched and reconciled by my very caring doctor. I understand my emotion concerning this treatment process but feel compelled to express my heartfelt thanks to all of you, you professionals with compassion!

From: Ralph

Coming to this office, I felt as if I was visiting close friends. I received the best loving care during a tough time. The treatment was fine no problems. From the front office to treatment area I felt well taken care of and uplifted. I am grateful to all the doctors and nurses for taken such good care of me.

From: Mary

I’m so impressed and so grateful to the big jobs all of you have done for me. Dr. Puthawala and his staff physicians, all the radiation therapist team members and all nurses, receptionists and office staff were so wonderful, kind, nice and professional. I certainly would recommend you to my friends, patients and relatives.

From: Joseph

I have to tell you that everyone from the minute I entered the office till I left way exceeded any doctor’s office I have ever been involved in. I especially want to thank you the 4 woman, Jacky, Bana, Zeinna and Hao Le for their professional, kind treatment during the 9 weeks I had radiation. They always were cheerful and made me feel at ease. Big thanks to all of your staff.

From: Jim

I would like to thank Jackie, Holly and entire CyberKnife and Radiation Oncology center staff for their friendliness and for being so helpful and caring towards their patients. The staff made the time I had to spend, daily in treatment, joyable. The whole staff front and back has been wonderful. Friendly, kind and understanding. Love them all.

From: Steve

Everything was great.

From: Larry

Dear Jacky, Zeinna, Bana, Hao Le, Zac, Van, Erika and Ashley; You have all been great and supportive through a scary time in my life. You made it easier than I thought it would be. Thank you for saving my life.

From: Zohra

From the 1st day of my treatment, the entire staff was so helpful, caring and considerate. I did not realize how complex this treatment was, and everyone was so dedicated and focused on what they were doing and still mindful of what I was going through. Knowing I was in such competent, committed, caring hands, made all the difference and got me through it. Thank you so much for the amazing work you do and how you do it.

From: Danny

Office staff, nurses, doctors have been very professional, helpful and very informative. Thank you for making this whole process / procedure a lot easier and pleasant to come over.

From: Manuel

Everyone was kind and helpful. Thank you.

From: Gil

Office staff always addressed me by name each time I entered the office. They were all very nice. KUDO’S to the Cyberknife staff. However I hope I am all done with treatments. I pray. Thanks for everything.

From: Faye

The staff is one of the best groups of individuals that I have encountered. Very helpful and informative. My treatment ransmoothly as can be expected.

From: Vesus

The staff is very friendly and made me feel very comfortable.I would recommend this treatment center to any one that needs treatment.

From: Isabel

It was a great happy experience being treated by the staff of Cyberknife.

From: Duong

I appreciate the way I have treated by everyone in the office and the treatment area. Zeinna and Holly were very professional and friendly during the treatments, which helped relive anxiety. I’m so glad I found out about Cyberknife from Dr. Harsolia. Thanks very much.

From: Gil

The staff in CK is very friendly. There is a feeling of comfort and caring. They willingly answered all questions and were willing to assist in any way possible. A great environment!!


Outstanding care! Thank you!

From: Angela

Zeinna, Bana and Holley are all excellent. The best in the world .Dr. Syed is very kind man and great doctor.

From: Hassan

All the staff was exceptional and made me feel comfortable. Thank you very much.

From: Sylvia

Your facility was clean and fresh looking, all the ladies that helped me, listened to me, explained everything to me. I now feel, I‘m leaving part of my family behind! And the Dr was one the nicest Dr’s I‘ve had contact with at all of the facility.

From: Shiley

We are very happy that our mom is treated here in OC. Cyberknife, everyone is friendly and professional. The environment is clean and comfortable, it helps making the procedure seems to be more pleasant and easier. Thank you.


Everyone of Cyberknife wonderful around schedules was very helpful and showed kindness and concentration.

From: Diane

The people who work here are excellent as health care people and as wonderfully nice people.

From: Ndkes

The staff made an unimaginable circumstance a comfortable, friendly and caring environment. Feeling blessed.

From: R.

The staff was very competent, cheerful and nice. That helped me.

From: Virginia

The staff is very friendly, kind and caring. Always smiling even when you are feeling bad. They try to keep your sprit up.

From: Laura

Staff members were extremely professional . They went above the call of duty to make you feel comfortable. I have never had better service from a hospital. The staff truly care. Bret, Jackie, Ramin and Xena made my experience the best possible!

From: Lisa

Email sent to Gina, Erika and Zeinna:
Ladies, I want to thank you each, and collectively, for the excellent, personalized and kind services you have provided to me. I particularly appreciated Gina's and Erika's calm patience with me and my impatience in getting treatment started. The wait was as planned all along, and surely worth it.
Zeinna has provided a delightfully positive, and sincerely caring experience at the CK, breakdown and all.

The three of you are quite a team.

From: Paul

Idont think I have ever experienced such quality care in a clinic. The staff was unbelievable, attentive, caring, and considerate to my feelings. They made me feel like they have known me for years. Thank you everyone for such outstanding care.

From: Myrna

Allison, Jacky, Brett and Zeinna were wonderful and did everything to make me as comfortable and make the experience easy.

From: Nicholas

My pain has already lessoned. My technician " Zeinna" was such a blessing! Thanks and bless you all!

From: Peggy

Everything was great from the moment I walked in the doors. All of the Therapist were absolutely great.... So kind and friendly and very caring. They all
" Cheered up" everyday with a smile.

From: Pamela

Everyone was very friendly and very accomodating. It means alot when you walk in and Yvonne knows your name and Kathy checks me in. Thank you for making a difficult time easier.

From: Connie

My radiologists (Brett + Zeinna)were exceptionally patient and demonstrated genuine concern over my discomfort. Also, a special thanks to Ramin, Dr harsolia, and Dr Puthawala.

From: Fran

Very nice staff. Therapists explained everything to me.

From: Cindy

Everyone was very kind and helpful to me during my treatments. I will recommend this center to anyone that might need this kind of treatment and tell them how friendly everyone is.

From: Carol

Staff members were extremely professional. They went above the call of duty to make you feel comfortable. Ihave never had better service in a hospital. The staff truely cares. Brett, Jackie, Ramin,and Zeinna made my experience the best possible!

From: Lisa

Staff is wonderful, very friendly and knowledgable.

From: Patrick

I feel so fortunate that I chose OC Cyberknife. In every situation I have been treated professionally and with compassion. You have an exceptional staff.

From: Sharon

Everyone was great!! Very friendly, supportive and knowledgable. Always made me feel comfortable and worked around my schedule when needed.

From: Ellen

The technicians were patient, pleasant, knowledgable and helped to make my visits comfortable.

From: Janet

Dr Chan was extremely kind and caring. The staff made my treatments easy and quick. All in all, the seven weeks of treatment were made very easy in the competent and caring staff at the OC Cyberknife

From: Shirley

Your staff is the best!The technicians are caring, knowledgable, and professional. The office and overall facility are run very efficiently, and I never felt rushed. I have confidence that I recieved the best of care from Cyberknife. Thank you for a pleasant experience.

From: Diana

Made me feel like family- truely a place for healing. Ireally appreciated how the staff felt my urgency and were there to assist along my treatment path each step of the way.

From: Kevin

I must commend the Cyberknife staff on the most caring attitude, exceptional respect, friendliness exceeding high standards expected of professional organizations.

From: Clarence

This was an incredable experience. If a person has to have Radiation, this is the place to have it. Thanks again to everyone involved.

From: AL

All staff are wonderful. Thank you so much for everything.

From: Saeed

I've never had so much fun while undergoing a medical nightmare in my life. Your facility is beautiful, but most of all, the staff buried there in your basement is truly "buried treasure." They are wonderful people: sensitive, kind, and funny. I met my match in that team of Jackie, Brett, and Paul. I can actually say I will miss seeing them every day at 3:15! "Exceeds Expectations" doesn't do them justice.

From: Lisa

Thank you for your spirit of confidence that you have shared with me. I always felt that I was in good hands, and great care and thoroughness were taken. I am so grateful that you guys have been apart of this healing journey.

From: Sandy

You people have been absolutely wonderful and we'd just like to say, "Thanks!"

From: Ray

Thank you for your kind attention and gentleness during my treatments.

From: Lavaun

To all of you incredibly wonderful people,Carol and I can't thank you enough for your kindness to me. You all made a hard week easy.

From: Eunice

Thank you all for your kindness and support. You made the treatment so much easier!

From: Carmen

Thank you all for your kindness and support. You made the treatment so much easier!

From: Carmen

I was very pleased with every thing. I want everyone to know that I can not be more glad that I was introduced to your clinic.

From: Brian