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How to Check for Skin Cancer

How To Do a Skin Cancer Check At Orange County CyberKnife, we’re proud to provide a wide range of world-class cancer treatments from our state-of-the-art radiation therapy clinic, including the industry-leading CyberKnife treatment. However, in addition to cancer treatment, we strive to help the Orange County community prevent cancer as well – and performing regular…

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Will Tattoos Cause Skin Cancer

Will Tattoos Cause Skin Cancer? Tattoos are more socially acceptable and popular than ever. While some sub-standard tattoo shops pose a risk of infections or other problems, the vast majority of tattoo parlors are reputable, high-quality businesses, making tattoos easy and safe to get. But if you’re considering a tattoo, you may be asking yourself:…

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Bladder Cancer Awareness Month

Bladder Cancer Awareness Month It’s a special month for us here at Orange County CyberKnife: May is Bladder Cancer Awareness Month, and this cause is vitally important. While industry-leading cancer treatments like CyberKnife can help provide a better chance than ever at beating cancer, the best way to fight cancer is still through education, prevention,…

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Skin Cancer Awareness Month

Melanoma & Skin Cancer Awareness Month What’s the most common form of cancer? It’s not breast cancer. It’s not prostate cancer. In fact, it doesn’t occur inside the body at all! Without question, the most common form of cancer for both men and women is skin cancer – and May is Melanoma & Skin Cancer…

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Brain Cancer Awareness Month

Brain Cancer Awareness Month At Orange County CyberKnife, we’re proud to offer world-class CyberKnife treatment to patients throughout the greater Orange County and Los Angeles areas. We treat a wide range of cancerous conditions, including brain cancer – which makes May a particularly special month for us. May is National Brain Cancer Awareness Month, and…

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Side Effects of CyberKnife

What Are the Side Effects of CyberKnife Treatment? At Orange County CyberKnife, we’re proud to be one of the premier providers of radiation therapy treatments in the Orange County area. Our flagship treatment is CyberKnife: a revolutionary cancer treatment system that uses high-dose radiation to eliminate cancer cells and tumors. In many patients, CyberKnife produces almost…

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