Trigeminal Neuralgia – CyberKnife Treatment

At Orange County CyberKnife, you’ll find a multitude of highly effective advanced radiation treatment tools. One of these is the CyberKnife Robotic Radiosurgery System which of clinically proven effective in treating Trigeminal Neuralgia (TM).

CyberKnife is a unique non-invasive treatment that relieves pain for patients who are suffering with TM. It beams high doses of radiation directly to the trigeminal nerve root with precise accuracy, minimizing harm to surrounding tissue while relieving the recurring stabbing pain of this facial nerve condition. And, it’s administered by some of the most highly qualified and skilled radiation oncologists in the country.

How Does CyberKnife Work?

The CyberKnife System combines a flexible, robotic arm that can easily move to hundreds of different angles, guiding the beams of radiation to the exact root of your trigeminal nerve. Orchestrating the movement of the arm is a high-tech imaging system that monitors any movement in real-time and adjusts the radiation to stay on-spot with your every movement, even as you breathe. With usually one short outpatient treatment, the radiation has accomplished its goal of reaching the nerve and, slowly, over the next few months, the nerve dies, eliminating or minimizing your pain. There is no other system that is as precise at delivering radiation as the CyberKnife.

Benefits of Using CyberKnife to Treat Trigeminal Neuralgia

  • Non-invasive. While other surgical treatment methods may relieve the pain of TM, CyberKnife requires no cutting and no anesthesia. This is helpful for those who are unable to undergo surgery with anesthesia as well as those who prefer not to undergo such an invasive procedure and time-consuming recovery.
  • Less Side Effects. The precision of CyberKnife allows the radiation to be focused on only its target – the root of the Trigeminal Nerve. This spares your healthy tissue from the high-dose radiation, substantially lowering the risk of side-effects.
  • Short Recovery Time. With surgery, you may be in the hospital recovering for days. CyberKnife treatment is given in our comfortable outpatient clinic in one pain-free treatment session.
  • More Comfortable. Other radiation treatments used on the head strap you into a metal frame that is bolted to a table for treatment. With the CyberKnife, you will be fitted for a flexible, comfortable mesh mask for treatment on our comfortable treatment couch.
  • Covered by Insurance. CyberKnife treatment is approved by Medicare and most insurance companies.
  • Effective in Reducing Pain. Studies have proven that CyberKnife can relieve and often eliminate the pain of TM in patients from 36 years old to 90.

Find Out More at Orange County CyberKnife

About five in every 100,000 individuals is thought to suffer from trigeminal neuralgia. Don’t suffer any longer. Contact our radiation experts now to find out how CyberKnife can effectively treat your TM. Reach out to us at (714) 962-7100 or use our convenient online appointment form to ask any questions you have or to make your first appointment. We look forward to relieving your recurring TM pain and move you toward a more comfortable life.